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Ideation - i·de·a·tion



the formation of ideas or concepts.

The content and creative implemented throughout your business is what makes you stand out. We can develop eye-catching media with or without your direction, but our team always listens to your ideas and inspiration. We then we get to work at developing those visions or dreams into reality. As a person once said, "there is no substitute for attentive repetition," and that is why we always repeat steps 1–3 for all of our projects (whether “finished” or not) to ensure that the creative, strategic solutions that result are always optimized to best serve you and the goals you want to achieve. We see the partnership with our clients as an iterative process—one that can continuously be improved and refined.

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The Process

What sets Eleven | Seventeen Media & Company apart is the process by which we approach each project—a process that brings curiosity with research, thinking, imagination, collaboration, and caring. You will find that we are obsessed not so much with just coming up with any solution, but coming up with the best solution for YOU.


We meet with the client to discuss what they desire and need while we input our expertise. Budget and timelines are set.


We brainstorm to get the final ideas and develop a draft for a client in which they continually input comments or concerns.


We deliver the final visual assets to the client within the timeline and budget agreed upon and wait for feedback. 

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