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  • Thank you for your interest in ordering a print from us. We truly from the bottom of our hearts appreciate the support. 

  • 25% of your purchase is donated to a nonprofit organization. This organization changes monthly. Please click the underlined text to learn about this months nonprofit Community Love.

  • Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery of your print. Our team prepares prints in-house and hand delivers print orders to your door to ensure the utmost quality and care. **NOTE: If your delivery location is 50 + miles away from our headquarters then we will ship the print via Priority Mail.**

  • To order a print, please fill out the form below and follow all of its instructions. 

  • After filling out the form please submit your payment using the link next to the form. You do not need a PayPal account to use the payment link. If you wish to pay in a different manner then please leave a note in the form and our team will follow up with you for further instruction.

Chicago 1.png

Print One

Chicago 3.png

Print Two

Chicago 2.png

Print Three


Print Four

chicago 5.png

Print Five

Crown Point, IN.png

Print Six

STMARY 1.png

Print Seven

STMARY 2.png

Print Eight

Guatemala 10.png

Print Nine

Guatemala 3.png

Print Ten

Guatemala 13.png

Print Eleven

Guatemala 11.png

Print Twelve 

Guatemala 1.png

Print Thirteen

Guatemala 2.png

Print Fourteen

Guatemala 8.png

Print Fifteen

Guatemala 5.png

Print Sixteen

Guatemala 9.png

Print Seventeen

Guatemala 9 copy.png

Print Eighteen

blue collar.png

Print Nineteen

Indiana Field.png

Print Twenty

Guatemala 4.png

Print Twenty-one

Lake Michigan.png

Print Twenty-two

Fall Indiana.png

Print Twenty-three

Guatemala 6.png

Print Twenty-four

Crown Point, IN 1 (1).png

Print Twenty-five


Print Twenty-six

Crown Point, IN 2.png

Print Twenty-seven

Crown Point IN 17.png

Print Twenty-eight

Available Prints


8x12 - $60.00

11x17 - $80.00

16x24 - $120.00

20x30 - $140.00

24x36 - $160.00


8x12 - $90.00

11x17 - $150.00

16x24 - $200.00

20x30 - $240.00

24x36 - $280.00


Thanks for submitting!

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