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Sociology - so·ci·ol·o·gy



the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society.

Human culture and how we live our lives are ever-changing. How your business performs its marketing and advertising is growing and adapting. That is why here at Eleven | Seventeen Media & Company we help brands with a different aspect of their social media marketing and advertising strategy by deploying result-driven services focused around social strategy, community management, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, and so much more.

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The Process

We know that time is money in business, so we set realistic deadlines (for ourselves and our clients) and stick to them. We consistently communicate with our clients to give them updates as we progress and get projects launched by the agreed launch date.


We are amplifying your brand, not inventing it. You have a clear brand identity and the resources and assets to support growth.


We are refining your goals, not defining them. You bring business goals to the table so our team can hit the ground running. 


We're extending your team, not replacing it. You have at least one sales or marketing point of contact for monthly meetings.

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